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2731 Danforth Ave., Toronto ON

(416) 699-8882

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    Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen review on 2018-01-03 22:08:48

    I started going to this popeyes when it first opened. Tings were good until new owners took over at which quality of food dropped as did customer service on one occasion the order taker couldnt fathom that I wanted fries as a side and finally said I dont really need fries anyway. Amongst that and orders not being right last night was the third time I have been flat our ripped off I was not happy about that or going back out in that cold to rectify. Not to worry though karma is already working its balance I have to drive by there every night and I see them closing up sometimes as much as 2 hours earlier then time listed. From what I hear the other place is a lot better and worth the drive

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